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Brent’s Interiors is your go-to source for all things flooring, including luxury vinyl. Many different factors contribute to the popularity of luxury vinyl including its durability, affordability, and ability to look of natural flooring. We offer a variety of styles and options to choose from including LVT and LVP. We can help you find a type of luxury vinyl flooring that matches your décor or something that can be the focal point of your room. 

As your local flooring retailer, we are here to help you determine what flooring is best for your home and life style. Many different factors play a role in why you would need a luxury vinyl floor in your home. For example, if you have pets it is a great idea to get a scratch and moisture resistant plank or tile. If you have young children at home, you will want a luxury vinyl floor that is resistant to staining and dropped toys. Most luxury vinyl can be separated into two different categories, LVT and LVP.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Do you love the classic look of tile? Luxury vinyl tiles look like the real deal, but are warmer to the touch and more cushioned underfoot. They feature all the same styles, colors, patterns and more, like traditional tile, and like all luxury vinyl flooring, LVT can withstand constant traffic and wear. Luxury vinyl tiles come as individual pieces that can be installed separately and some can even be grouted for an authentic look. Tiles are easy to maintain because if one becomes damaged, you can easily replace it without having to pull up your entire floor. Luxury vinyl tiles are great for kitchens and bathrooms since they look like natural tile but are much more comfortable.

Light colored luxury vinyl tile in light colored kitchen with an island

Luxury Vinyl Planks

Wood look flooring is one of today’s top trends, and due to advanced technology, LVP is made to look exactly like wood flooring. These planks are resistant to wear, moisture and humidity, so you can install them anywhere in your home. There is also less maintenance required, and unlike real hardwood you do not have to worry about refinishing luxury vinyl planks. Vinyl planks give you the design freedom to have wood look flooring installed in your kitchen and bathroom without the worry of them becoming damaged from moisture or accidental spills.

living room with dark colored luxury vinyl plank flooring